Equipment Leasing

Need something to take your business to the next level? At Eagle, we can lease or finance almost anything. Here are some items our clients have leased or financed with us in the past:

Computers Hardware
Software and Business Internet Solutions
Application Only

Get up to $125,000 just by filling out a simple application and providing us with some basic information. There are even circumstances in which we can provide you with up to $250,000. Call us today for more details.

Skip Payment

Does business vary for you from season to season? We can structure your lease so that you only pay in months when business is strong, helping you save money in slower months!

90 Day Deferred Payments

We understand that in some instances, it will take time to see a return on the investment you have made with new equipment. At Eagle, we can offer you a 90-day deferred payment structure where only minimal payments are made before full monthly payments are due!


Are you more established? You might be eligible for more favorable terms! If you have two years of business and personal financial statements and tax returns we can likely fund your equipments costs over $50,000!

Step Payment

Need to make smaller payments to begin with and pay more as you start getting a return on your equipment? No problem! We can make that happen for you with our Step up lease! Want to make larger payments now and make smaller payments through the rest of your term? We can work that out with our Step Payment Structure.

Software Only

We can finance your software purchases under $75,000 with a simple application!