Small Business Loans

At Eagle, we know that the health of your business is more than just your credit score. We look at your cash flow and payment history so that we can provide you with a small business loan where other banks might overlook. Small Business Loans also have attractive repayment options that make it easier to repay!

Loan Types

Standard Loan

Our standard loan is designed for those seeking up to $150,000 and are interested in 3-18 month terms.

“Bank Only” Loans

Designed for business who would like a standard loan, but do not accept credit cards.

Express Loan

An option for those who need $5,000 to $35,000 fast! With six month terms.

Repayment Types

Daily Payments

Get a small amount deducted from your account daily. Makes repayment easier!

Transfer Account

Set it and forget it. Get payments automatically taken from your account.

Split Funding

Variable Funding that aligns payback with revenue.

Skip Payment Structure

Typically these transactions simply skip one, two or three monthly lease payment druing the year. In some cases, this does not affect the overall lease term, but does effect the payment amont. Most customores use skip payments to address cas flow concerns during seasonal slowness.